Willing Workers and Helpers


Ledge Top Farm has openings for willing workers and helpers.

Interested applicants must be physically fit and able to lift up to 50Ibs unassisted.

Most positions are part time with no benefits besides free vegetables. You must have your own transportation and arrive on time to the job site. There are two job sites; one in Wilton and one in Amherst. Schedules are flexible, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are when most help is needed.

Types of jobs you could be involved in vary throughout the season, but include: soil preparation (raking, hoeing, removing rocks), seeding and transplanting, harvesting, packing and weighing produce, and recording data. Many of these activities will take place inside a greenhouse so work is available rain or shine!

Successful applicants will be hired as a contract worker and will be responsible for their own tax obligations. An hourly wage can be negotiated at the time of application.

Please note that Ledge Top Farm cannot accept applications from smokers due to the risk of TMV, a virus transmitted on the hands and clothes after handling tobacco in any form. This virus infects tomatoes, a close relative of the tobacco plant.


To apply, please provide basic contact information, type of work desired, how much you want to work, start and end dates, particular skills you are interested in learning, any work experience (especially where related to gardening or farming), ability to do physical labor, relevant medical conditions, and references for work experience or character.

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