There was a very strong turn out for the first Milford indoor market. The next Milford market is November 20th.

Want to avoid the crowd, trying to find a parking space and get a discount for your purchase then stop at the farm to pick up. Any day of the week, or any time you can place an order by email( or Text (603-620-7302) and your order will be ready on the stand at the farm with a $1 discount for every $10 you purchase. Please be sure a get a conformation of your order before you pick up.  

The Peterborough market meets Wednesday November 10th at the Community Center from 3-5 PM.
Cherry tomatoes have taken a heavy hit from the frosts but there may be some still to pick.
There are occasional raspberries too.
Here’s what’s growing this week:
Swiss chard $4 per bunch
Pea shoots $4 per bunch
Red mustard $3 per bunch
Tatsoi $3 per bunch
Tomatoes, some beef steak , some yellow Valencia $3 per pound
Green beans $2 per bunch
Tokyo Bekana (Asian green) $3 per bunch
Beet greens $4 per bunch
Beets $4 per bunch
Radishes $3 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Arugula $4 per bunch
Leeks $4 per bunch
Parsnips $4 per bunch
Turnips $3 per bunch
Cilantro $3 per bunch
Spinach $5 per bunch
Collards $4 per bunch
Brussels Sprouts $5 per pint box
Hearty Greens $5 per bunch
Leaf Lettuce, Green, Red, or Romaine  $3 per bunch/head
Restaurant Style lettuce $5 per bunch(available Tuesday-Friday)
Peppers, sweet, banana style, mostly green, a few red $4 per pound
Grown harvested and packed by the Ledge Top Farm team, Tom and Ruthie