The cold just does not stop. Growth in the greenhouses is slowing down. One of the hot water solar collectors broke due to freezing.

Oil prices are rising and it’s taking 50 to 75 gallons a week to keep the greenhouses warm enough. These could be the most expensive vegetables of the season.
I’m trying to reduce or eliminate paper receipts, you will get an email or text with your order and how much it is or your CSA balance. If you want  a paper receipt I can get you one.
I’m spacing pickups so there is no contact with other customers, so please be close to your pickup time or reschedule if you can’t. Wait for an acknowledgement from me for your pick up time.
April 2nd is the first Francestown farmers market.
Here’s what’s available this week:
Baby lettuce $ 4 per bunch
Arugula $4  bunch
Watercress $4  bunch
Baby Kale $4 per bunch( 2 bunches available)
Tat soi $3 per bunch
Radishes $3 per bunch
Chives $3 per bunch
Rosemary $3 per bunch
Mint $3 per bunch
Join Ledge Top Farm “you decide” CSA
Ledge Top Farm CSA is unique among most CSAs.
There is no large up front money commitment.
You decide how much money you want to use to establish a credit.
Renew at anytime.
Order as frequently as you like.
Skip any week or time period you want.
Order as much or as little as you like.
Pick up is no contact.
Refund or replacement for any order that you are not satisfied.
How the Ledge Top Farm CSA works:
1. Decide on how much credit you want to establish in exchange for produce grown on this farm.
2. Send an email or text to me and get on the newsletter list.
3. Place an order for produce.
4. When you pick up your order bring the check for your CSA account.
5. The cost of your order will be deducted from your established credit. Every order after that will be deducted until you have used up your credit.
6. Renew your credit if you choose.