A busy week on the farm! It seems to be the time of the season where everything comes in at once. Although it has been uncharacteristically hot and dry this year, things are growing better than ever on the Ledge. 


Potatoes are in! We have six different varieties available this year; Carola is a yellow german potato with an amazing creamy texture, Fingerling potatoes are small, tubular potatoes perfect for roasting, Kennebec is a smooth white potato with thin skin hailing from Maine and great for frying, Red chieftain is a beautiful red skinned potato, Russet is a staple potato known for its versatile cooking uses, and Yukon gold is a semi-starchy semi-waxy potato with a yellow-tinged flesh making it an excellent all around potato. All potatoes are new potatoes and don’t need to be peeled, enjoy them skin and all!


Here’s what’s available this week:

Arugula $5 per bunch

Basil $5 per bunch

Blueberries $4 per box (half pint)

Red beets $4 per bunch

Carrots $4 per bunch

Garlic $3 per head

Green beans $3 per bag (½ lb)

Green leaf lettuce $3 per head

Hearty greens mix $5 per bunch

Kale $4 per bunch

Mint $3 per bunch

Carola potatoes $4 per box

Fingerling potatoes $5 per box

Kennebec potatoes $4 per box

Red chieftain potatoes $4 per box

Russet potatoes $4 per box

Yukon gold potatoes $4 per box

Red onions $4 per bunch

Raspberries $5 per box

Rhubarb $4 per bunch

Salad mix $5 per bunch

Rainbow chard $4 per bunch

Yellow summer squash $2 each

To place your order, email tom.mitchell9@icloud.com or drewltf@icloud.com with a list of what you would like, and the date and time you will pick up. You will receive a reply when your order is confirmed.


Come see us this week at the Peterborough farmers market on Wednesday from 3-6pm, the Francestown community market on Friday from 4-6:30pm, and the Milford farmers market on Saturday from 10am-1pm. 


We hope everyone enjoys the break from the heat this week!


Drew Whitney, Farm Manager


603 204-3292


Tom Mitchell

487 Center Road

Wilton, NH 03086

email at


text or phone at:

603 620-7302