Since this is my grandson’s birthday, I will not be able to fill any orders after 10 PM Sunday for the day.

Cooler nights are slowing the growth of peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The outside cucumbers are already gone. There are Slicing cucumbers still growing in the greenhouse.
Ripe tomatoes are in low supply right now, but there are plenty on the vine.
Greens like Kale and Collars, love this weather.
The best days for pick up orders at the farm are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The rest of the week we are picking for farmers markets and its more difficult to find the time to pick for orders, especially with the worker shortage. Our customized “you decide” CSA is very time consuming when there are worker shortages.
Be sure you have a confirmation that your order and pick up time are confirmed “OK”. If you don’t get a confirmation in a reasonable time, please send your request again.
Milford Farmers market is Saturday on Elm Street, Milford, across from the antique shop, and the Agway. Hours are 10-1PM.
Peterborough farmers market is Wednesday 3-6 PM at the Peterborough Community Center.
Francestown Community Market is Friday from 4-6:30PM at the sheds in Francestown.
Here’s what’s available this week:
Cucumbers, slicers  $1 each
Arugula $4 per bunch
Tomatoes, red round type Small $1
Salad Mix $5 per bunch
Basil $4 per bunch
Green leaf lettuce $3 each
Collards $4 per bunch
Chioggia beets $4 per bunch
Golden beets $4 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Carrots $4 each
Valencia heirloom yellow tomatoes Small $1, Medium $2, Large $3
Cherry tomatoes(red or yellow) $5 per pint, 2 for $8
Hot peppers(Jalapeños, or Hungarian hot wax $4 per box
Granadero Plum tomatoes $6 per quart box
Tokyo Bekana greens $3 per bunch
Hearty Greens $5 per bunch
Raspberries $5 per 1/2 pint box
Winter squash, delicata, acorn, Butternut, all small $2 or $3 each
Spaghetti squash $6 each
Mint $3 per bunch
Dill $3 per bunch
Parsley $4 per bunch
Pumpkins, small pie type $5 each
You can pick up at the farm anytime, and receive an added discount. Email or text your order and pick up time. I’ll confirm your order and you pick up. If you have a CSA account there is nothing else to do. If your paying with cash or check made out to Ledge Top Farm, there will be a cash box on the stand.



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