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Available Produce

October 26th at Ledge Top Farm

Cold temperatures are really shutting down growth even in greenhouses. The below freezing temperatures predicted this week and even snow on Friday will most like put an end to outside growing. I will collect what I can harvest and see if it will ripen.

Red cherry tomato seem to be cracking in this weather. There are very few of them anyway. If you want them there will be cracks, even if when we pack them with no cracks. They still are good for a while.
Yellow cherry tomatoes seems more more resistant to cracking but there are even fewer of those.
Brussels Sprouts are showing some size so there will be a few boxes available this week.
Spinach has been picked out so if if it survives the cold it just won’t grow in this weather. In greenhouse growing hasn’t produced a salable crop yet.
Milford Farmers market will continue outside until Nov. 21st. This Saturday should be very chilly.
Francetown’s last market is schedule for this Friday from 4-6:30. Snow is predicted in the morning, so depending on that I may not be attending that market. I have wait and see.
Peterborough Farmers market will be inside the Community Center from 3-5 PM Wednesday. This market plans to continue until Dec 23rd.
Picking up at the farm is always available until I run out of produce. and there is a 10% discount.
Ordering from Ledge Top Farm is done by email(tom.mitchell9@icloud.com) or text(603 620-7302) or phone. Go to ledgetopfarm.com to order from the website.
To Complete your order:
Provide an itemize list. Let me know where and when you choose to pick up your order at the farm. To avoid many people at the Wilton farm stand at once you will be provided a specific time for your pick up try to be close to that time.
Payment should be exact change cash or a check at the farm or farmers markets. I do have card readers for credit payments if they are $10 or more. Cash is preferred. Checks are okay.
Here’s what’s growing:
Arugula $4 per bunch- low supply
Basil $4 per bunch low supply
Carrots $3 per bunch- fair supply
Collards $4 per bunch- fair supply
Mint $3 per bunch low supply
Peppers, sweet, few red, mostly green $4 per pound, fair supply
Swiss chard, green or red, $4 per bunch, low supply
Tomatoes, Beefsteak type $3 per pound, mostly green, low supply
Tomatoes, Granadero Plum $3 per pound, mostly green, fair supply
(Note on tomatoes: only red tomatoes will be sold unless you specifically want green tomatoes)
Winter squash Acorn, $2 each, good supply
Baby lettuce $4 per bunch, abundant
Sweet potatoes $3 per pound, good supply
Red mustard, $3 per bunch, low supply
Komatsuna, $3 per bunch, low supply
Lettuce, red, green or Romaine, $3 each, fair supply
Golden beets, mostly greens, with small beets
Brussels sprouts $3 per pint box, low supply
Celery $4 per bunch, low supply
Chives $3 per bunch
Here are some things are too few to list: Ginger, Kale, beets, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, watercress, cabbage, and pea shoots, raspberries.


Berry updates will be here.


Fruit updates will be here.