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The rhubarb is getting big. Maybe ready by the end of the week.

Snap peas are 2 inches high.
New arugula almost ready.
New carrots have germinated.Beets too.
The Peterborough Farmers Market will be every Wednesday outside the Peterborough Community Center, Elm Street, from 3-6 PM.
Here’s what’s growing this week:
Spinach $5 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Restaurant style Lettuce mix $5 per bunch
Green leaf lettuce $3 per bunch
Red curly leaf lettuce $3 per bunch
Tokyo Bekana  $3 per bunch
Baby carrots $3 per bunch
Tatsoi $3 per bunch
Komatsuna $3 per bunch
Beta Mix (This is mixture of Swiss chard and beet leaves) $5 per bunch.
Beet greens $4 per bunch
Join Ledge Top Farm CSA and support this farm to continue our growing.
1. We call this the  “you decide” CSA. You decide when you want to place an order.
2. There is no set commitment for money. You decide how much you want to establish your credit with the farm.
3. You can renew any time for any amount to add to your credit.
4. You can pick up at the farm for a further discount.
5. You can pick up at the farmers markets we attend.
6. We keep track of your credit balance.
7. We sell only what we grow and know it’s complete history.
8. We grow with the least environmental impact, such as following organic standards, no tilling the earth, and hand tools for cultivation.
9. We guarantee your satisfaction or you can get your money back or a replacement.
10. You have no limitations, other than availability, to place an order. You can order as many times as your credit allows or skip when you need.
Here is how you can join Ledge Top Farm CSA 2022.
1. Email at tom.mitchell9@icloud.com with your contact information(name, address, cell phone, email)
2. Send or drop off a check made out to Ledge Top Farm to set up your credit for the CSA. Customers have sent $100 to $700 per season. The average is $300. You decide.
3. You will be notified via email that your account is set up.
4. You can use the credit immediately or wait until the season is in full swing  with many choices.
5. Your account must be finished by Dec 31st 2022.
This farm needs help to provide you with the best service and grow over 40 different varieties. You can help by:
1. Working in exchange for food. Usually a few hours a week.
2. Become an intern and learn the latest no till intensive gardening techniques. Stipends may be available.
3. Work on the farm as a contract worker.
4. Just come an help out when there is a crunch.
All workers must be vaccinated against Covid.
If any of these appeal to you then please contact:


Tom Mitchell
487 Center Road
Wilton, NH 03086
email at
text or phone at:
603 620-7302