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We have been very successful at keeping the SWD(fruit fly) out of the new crop of raspberries. We only see one or two damaged fruits.

Granadero plum tomatoes are starting to ripen. These are NOT Romas. They are much more versatile. Use them on salads, sandwiches or cook with them. Good flavor. Bulk quantities will not be available until early September.
Garlic will be taken off the list. The larger bulbs are being saved for planting in October. After that there may be some available for sale.
Cucumbers are being hit hard by wilt carried by the cucumber beetle, so supplies are limited.
Here’s what’s available:
Mint $3 per bunch
Raspberries $4 per box
Lettuce mix $4 per bunch
Red or green leaf $3 each head
Cucumbers $1 each
Arugula $4 per bunch 
Swiss chard $4 per bunch
Red potatoes $3 per box
Tomatoes, beefsteak type $4 per pound
Tomatoes, Granadero plum $3 per pound
Tokyo Bekana(Asian green) $3 per bunch
Collards $4 per bunch
Zucchini or yellow summer squash $3 per pound.
Cherry tomatoes, red or yellow $3 per box
Beets, dark red, chioggia, or golden $4 per bunch
Cilantro $3 per bunch
Cabbage $2 each
Pickling cucumbers $3 per pound
Green beans or yellow beans $2 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Radishes $3 per bunch
Celery $4 per bunch
Onions, yellow $3 per pound
Sweet red peppers $4 per pound
Jalapeños 4 for $1
Eggplant $4 per pound(small size, 4-6 per pound)
Markets this week will be Peterborough on Wednesday, 3-6PM, Francestown on Friday, 4-7PM, Milford on Saturday, 10-1 PM


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