(603) 620-7302 tom.mitchell9@icloud.com

I have small amounts of Asian greens (Komatsuna, red mustard, Bok Choy) some spinach, Garlic, plum tomatoes, and arugula.

I do not have enough to come to the Peterborough Farmers market, so I will not attend for the remaining two weeks.
Orders can be filled here at the farm in a contactless manner.
It has been a very good year here at the farm. I have produced more produce than I ever have and on a smaller area.
I’ve been blessed with good help and dedicated college students that have really tuned into how to make the most on a half acre of growing space.
A special thanks to the work for food people that helped out during the season.
I would actually like to cut production next year, but when the winter ends and growing season starts again I can’t seem to stop growing more. We will see what happens.
CSA applications will start after January 1st 2021, if you want to join.