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It’s been a relatively warm and wet week up on the Ledge, most of the snow we got last week has melted away. The occasional sunny afternoon is helping us to keep our greenhouses warm for winter growing.

Due to an influx in orders last week, we do not have any produce available for orders this week. The colder temperatures and less sunlight require the plants some extra time to grow in between harvests.

There are still 15 days to get a discount on your CSA membership. When you sign up in the month of January you’ll receive a 10% bonus on your CSA balance. To join, please mail a check to:

Ledge Top Farm

487 Center Rd

Wilton, New Hampshire 03086

Checks should be made out to Ledge Top Farm. If you are a new customer, please email us with your contact information as well. You’ll receive an email as confirmation when we receive your check.

Our CSA is a great way to get produce you know is being grown with care to organic standards. Ledge Top Farm is committed to growing our produce using practices that benefit both our health and the environment. We never use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers and our produce is grown from organic, non-GMO seeds. In addition, Ledge Top incorporates regenerative practices into our growing such as no-till management and crop rotation to ensure soil health, and the farm runs entirely on solar power. Please reach out to us with any questions about farm practices or the CSA.

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