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Greetings from the Ledge! As we continue to let our crops grow in this cold NH weather, we will let everything grow this week and maybe net week we will have more to offer. Things will hopefully be growing better again in February to have offerings again. We’re working hard to ensure a bountiful harvest come spring and summertime. This season will see a return of all your favorites like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and greens as well as some new varieties of winter squash and the return of organic sweet corn!
There are four more days left to get a bonus 10% on your CSA deposit. All are welcome to join at any point in the season, but the additional 10% is only offered through January. We are proud of our Ledge Top Farm CSA program for:
  • Always growing our produce to organic standards, from non-GMO seeds.
  • We’re able to provide our members with only the produce they want and will use, never a surprise!
  • When you pick up at the farm, you’ll receive -$1 off for every $10 you spend.
To join, please mail a check to:
Ledge Top Farm
487 Lyndeborough Center Rd
Wilton, New Hampshire 03086
Checks should be made out to Ledge Top Farm. If you are a new customer, please email us with your contact information as well. You’ll receive an email as confirmation when we receive your check.
Also, there was an email from someone that no longer wanted to receive the newsletter, but that email was lost, please resend it. If anyone else does not want this newsletter please let us know and we will make a better effort to take you off the list.
Enjoy the week!
Drew Whitney, Farm Manager


Tom Mitchell
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