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Raspberries are forming new berries for the fall, so there might not be too many available until they ripen, at least a week.

Blueberries are past peak and will be done by August.

Garlic harvest is small this year. We’ll have to do better next year.

Winter squash is growing well so far.

Summer squash is not producing as expected.

Eggplant is starting to ripen as well as sweet red peppers.

Tomato crop looks strong with good yields expected.

Potatoes are growing and yielding so much better than last year.

More green and yellow beans are coming.

All peas are done for the season.

Here’s what’s growing:

Mint $3 per bunch
Basil $4 per bunch
Raspberries $4 per box
Mixed red and green baby lettuce $4 per bunch
Romaine or green leaf $3 each head
Rhubarb $4 per bunch
Cucumbers $1 each
Arugula $4 per bunch
Swiss chard $4 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Garlic $1 per ounce(most bulbs are 2-4 ounces)
Carrots $3 per bunch
Red potatoes $3 per box
Fingerlings $3 per box
Blueberries $3 per 1/2 pint box
Tomatoes $4 per pound
Komatsuna(Asian green) $3 per bunch
Collards $4 per bunch
Markets this week will be Peterborough on Wednesday, 3-6PM, Francestown on Friday, 4-7PM, Milford on Saturday, 10-1 PM