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Ledge Top Fam takes safety and your health seriously. All helpers use gloves and face shield when picking, washing and packing produce on  this farm. We never buy from other farms so the origin of every thing grown is known and traceable. Most all produce is packed in plastic or containers so it stays fresh. Hygiene is a top concern. It takes more time and effort but the food here is safe. Refrigeration is used immediately after picking. Your orders are picked as close to your pick up time as possible.

Tomatoes are in great supply but not ripe. A few cherry tomatoes are showing up and the Granadero Plum are ripening before the beef steak. We are getting a few pounds a week from the greenhouse but nowhere near expected production. There are plenty of tomatoes and they will ripen soon. Please keep your orders to minimums until they get going.
Anybody can order from Ledge Top Farm. You do not have to be a CSA member. 

Order through this newsletter or go to ledgetopfarm.com and click on available produce to see what’s growing this week. Email or text your order. Please give me the day you want your order and the time.
I do not keep items out on the farm stand, but when you place an order it will be on the stand waiting for your pick up. For non-CSA members Cash or check can be put in the cash box. For change, I would have to be there so that not the best way in these times. When I confirm your order I will tell you the exact amount. It’s a contactless exchange.
CSA sign-ups are open until July 31st. You can extend your membership or sign up new with an application. The flexible plan allows you to get what you want when you want. There are no minimums.
Please submit your orders as a list. One line per item. This helps me not miss items. 
Ledge Top Farm will represented be at 4 markets this week.
Merrimack on Wednesday 3-6 PM, at the Vault Storage, at the edge of the property.
Peterborough at the Community Center, Wednesday, 3-6pm.
Francestown at the Town Center, 4-7PM Friday.
Milford at the Good Mojo university front lot, 10-1 pm Saturday.
No mask no service at farmers markets. Let’s keep everyone safe.
Here’s what growing:
Arugula $4 per bunch (fair supply)
Basil $4 per bunch(excellent supply)
Beans, Green or yellow $2 small, $4 large bunch (fair supply)
Beets $4 per bunch fair supply)
Blueberries $3 (low supply)
Broccoli $2 per bunch (low supply)
Carrots $3 per bunch (fair supply)
Celery $4 per bunch fair supply)
Collards $4 per bunch (excellent supply)
Pickling cucumbers or salad cucumbers 5 for $3 or 5 pounds for $10
Slicing cucumbers $ 1 each (good supply)
Kale $4 per bunch (good supply)
Mint $3 per bunch(good supply)
Onions, $3 per bunch mostly red some white(fair supply)
Scallions $3 per bunch(low supply)
Raspberries $4 per box (supply will be increasing let this week)
Yellow summer squash $3 per pour tomatoes nd (low supply)
Swiss chard $4 per bunch (low supply)
Tomatoes $4 per pound beef steak and plum type (very low supply)
Cherry tomatoes $3 per box (low supply)
Zucchini $3 per pound (fair supply)
Red sweet peppers $4 per pound (low supply)
Tom @Ledge Top Farm
487 Center Road
Wilton, NH 03086