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Just to remind you about Ledge Top Farm growing methods: We only use organic methods to raise our vegetables. We only sell what we can grow. We protect soil structure by using no till methods. Most everything done with hand tools. The energy used is from solar panels. Natural predators and microbes are used to deter pests. If you have an questions about details on these techniques, just text or mail us.

Only a month away for the first Peterborough Famers market, even though we got a good 10 inches of snow Saturday.

Tomatoes and peppers are coming along, waiting to be transplanted into the greenhouse.
Kale is at the baby stage and ready to cut. Baby Pac Choy is also ready. Radishes coming soon.
Sing up for Ledge Top Farm “your decide” CSA. Go to ledgetopfarm.com for details.
Get on the mailing list and know what we are producing, then pick up at the farm for cash or use your CSA credit.
Here’s what’s growing now:
Hearty greens $5 per bunch
Salad mix(red and green) $5 per bunch
Frilly green cut lettuce leaves $5 per bunch
Frilly red cut lettuce leaves $5 per bunch
Arugula $4 per bunch
Tokyo Bekana (a mild Asian green) $3 per bunch
Tat soi $3 per bunch
Baby Kale $4 per bunch
Baby Pac Choy $3 per bunch
Spinach $5 per bunch
You can pick up at the farm anytime. Email or text your order and pick up time. I’ll confirm your order and you pick up. If you have a CSA account there is nothing else to do. If your paying with cash or check made out to Ledge Top Farm, there will be a container for your purchase.


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