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There were some serious frosts last week that took down all the tomatoes and peppers. We picked the green fruit before the frost so that should last several weeks.

Peterborough Farmers market will be Wednesday from 3-5pm inside the Community center.
Pick up at the farm is always available until the end of the year. Put your order in anytime and it will be waiting for you at the stand. Make sure you get a conformation on your order to be sure we got the message. Let us know the day and time you can pick up.
Here’s what’s available this week:
Arugula $4 per bunch
Tomatoes, red round type Small $1, $2 medium, pint box $3
Cherry tomatoes(red) $5 per pint
Hot peppers, Hungarian hot wax $4 per box
Granadero Plum tomatoes $6 per quart box
Raspberries $5 per half pint box
Pea shoots by Friday $4 per bunch
Salad mix $5 per bunch
Cabbage $5 per head
Chickweed micro greens $3 per bunch goes great on salads
Green leaf lettuce $3 per bunch
We do have non salable winter squash that has surface damage or too small for the asking. No charge.

Drew Whitney Farm manager


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