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We have been hard at work here growing in greenhouses and high tunnels. Field harvesting of tomatoes Sunday was 200 pounds.

The best looking crop of the week is green leaf lettuce. 

There are still Brussel Sprouts in the field as well as spinach, collards and kale. Snap peas are all in flower. Time will tell if they reach maturity.
Green beans are 3 inches long, growing in the greenhouse, so next week they may be ready to pick.
Peterborough has the only farmers market we attend this week on Wednesday in the Community Center, Elm Street, Peterborough from 3-5 PM.
The farm is always open to pick up your order. Email (tom.mitchell9@icloud.com)or text (603-620-7302 or 603 265-7049)) what you want, when you want to pick up and it will be ready for you. Please be sure we reply to your request for timing and availability.
Here’s what’s available this week:
Arugula $4 per bunch
Tomatoes beef steak $3 per pound
Plum tomatoes$3 per pound
Valencia heirloom yellow tomatoes $3 per pound 
Brandywine heirloom tomatoes $3 per pound
Cherry tomatoes red $3 per box
 Radishes $3 per bunch(by order only)
Red sweet peppers $4 per pound
Beets $4 per bunch(order only)
Collards $4 per bunch ( by order only)
Eggplant $4 per pound(by order only)
Jalapeños $3 per 1/2 pint box
Honeynut Butternut $1each (miniature single serving butternut)
Pea shoots $4 per bunch
Hardy greens mix $5 per bunch
Leeks $4 per bunch(by order only)
Kale $4 per bunch(by order only
Cilantro $3 per bunch
Mint $4 per bunch
Green Leaf lettuce $3 each
Sweet potatoes $3 per pound
Brussels Sprouts $5 per pint box
Swiss Chard $4 per bunch
Thanks from Tom and Ruthie