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It seems early that the cooler weather is closing it. Temperatures in the 40’s are not good for ripening tomatoes.

Acorn squash and Butternut squash are ripening in record numbers for this farm. Personal size butternuts are available for $1 each. They weigh about 1/2 pound. Mediums are 1-2 pounds. Larger sizes go up to 3-4 pounds and are still ripening.
Ordering from Ledge Top Farm is done by email(tom.mitchell9@icloud.com) or text(603 620-7302) or phone. Use this newsletter for a guide on what to order or go to ledgetopfarm.com to order from the website.
To Complete your order:
Provide an itemize list. Let me know where and when you choose to pick up your order at the farm. To avoid many people at the Wilton farm stand at once you will be provided a specific time for your pick up try to be close to that time.
Payment should be exact change cash or a check at the farm or farmers markets. I do have card readers for credit payments if they are $10 or more.
This week Ledge Top Farm will be at Merrimack farmers market Wednesday 3 to 6 PM at the vault storage.
Peterborough farmers market at the Community Center, Wednesdays 3 to 6 PM.
Francestown community market at the town center 4 to 7 PM on Friday.
Milford farmers market at the good Mojo University front lot 10-1PM Saturday
Here’s what’s growing:
Arugula $4 per bunch
Asian greens $3 per bunch
Basil $4 per bunch
Beets, Golden $4 per bunch
Broccoli side shoots $4 per pound
Cabbage $2 each (small heads)
Carrots $3 per bunch
Collards $4 per bunch
Cucumbers slicing long type $1 each
Cucumbers, salad/pickling type $1 each
Ginger(coming in October)
Kale $4 per bunch
Mint $3 per bunch
Pears $2 per pound
Peppers, red sweet, $4 per pound
Raspberries $4 small box, $7 large box
Red mustard $3 per bunch
Radishes $3 per bunch
Rhubarb $4 per bunch
Swiss chard, green or red, $4 per bunch
Summer squash, Yellow $3 per pound
Sweet potatoes coming in October
Tomatoes, Beefsteak type $3 per pound
Tomatoes, Granadero Plum $3 per pound
Tomatoes, Heirloom type, red or yellow $3 per pound
Tomatoes, cherry, red or yellow $3 per box
Winter squash, Butternut, large, medium or small $2 per pound
Winter squash Acorn, $2 per pound
Baby lettuce $4 per bunch