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The farm stand is open this week from Noon to 6 with raspberries, tomatoes and sweet red peppers.

Disappointing harvest in the Delicate and Acorn squash group. The squash bugs were very active and weaker/killed the plants so the squash is small or not usable. Butternut squash has seemed to endure the attack so maybe the harvest will be worthwhile. We start harvesting butternut squash this week. We have the mini variety called “Honeynut” and larger varieties too.

Leeks are getting big enough to harvest too.
Onions are done for the year. I barely have enough left for myself.
Raspberries are still coming on strong. Pick your own is available for $2 per box(1/2 price). You must be vaccinated and masked to be on the farm.
Corn is all done for the season from this farm.
Here’s what’s available:
Arugula $4 per bunch
Mint $4 per bunch
Special lettuce mix $5 per bunch
Leaf lettuce( green) $3 per head
Swiss chard $4 per bunch
Tomatoes beef steak $3 per pound(5 pounds or more $2/#)
Plum tomatoes$3 per pound(5 pounds or more $2 per pound
Valencia heirloom yellow tomatoes $3 per pound 
Brandywine heirloom tomatoes $3 per pound
Tokyo Bekana Asian green $3 per bunch
Yellow summer squash or Zucchini $3 Per pound
Cherry tomatoes red or yellow $3 per box 
Kale$4 per bunch 
Red sweet peppers $4 per pound
Raspberries $4 per box(PYO $2 per box)
Scallions $3 per bunch
Beets $4 per bunch
Basil $4 per bunch
Collards $4 per bunch
Slicing cucumbers $1 each
Eggplant $4 per pound
Jalapeños 4 for $1
Rhubarb $4 per bunch
Winter squash Butternut $2 each
Leeks $4 per bunch
Komatsuna (Asian green) $3 per bunch
Tatsoi (Asian green) $3 per bunch
Red Mustard $3 per bunch

Markets this week are in Peterborough on Wednesday 3 to 6 PM, Francestown on Friday 4 to 7 PM, Milford on Saturday 10-1pm.