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Another productive week on the farm. We are looking forward to the warm temps this week as we continue planting our potatoes and prepping for the rest of the season. Peas are growing great all around the farm, and raspberries have just begun to flower so we should expect to see some berries by the end of may!


This week will be the first Francestown Community Market of the season, Friday from 4-6:30pm. Stop by if you’re in the area to see what’s new and pick up some fresh produce.


Peterborough market will continue this Wednesday from 3-6pm outside the community center. 


Spinach is still growing like crazy on the farm! This savoy variety has beautiful large leaves and is excellent for cooking, and lasts forever in your fridge too. Still on sale this week at $8 per pound!


Great crop of Tokyo bekana as well. This asian green has vibrant and soft leaves with the perfect amount of zing to elevate your salads. A farm favorite lettuce alternative!


Here’s what’s available this week:

Arugula $5 per bunch

Hearty greens mix $5 per bunch

Salad mix $5 per bunch

Tokyo bekana $3 per bunch

Tatsoi $3 per bunch

Green leaf lettuce $3 per head

Spinach $5 per bunch, 2 for $8

Beta mix $5 per bunch


To place your order, email tom.mitchell9@icloud.com or drewltf@icloud.com with a list of what you would like, and the date and time you will pick up. You will receive a reply when your order is confirmed.


Have a great week!


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