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The storm this week dropped over a foot of snow on The Ledge this week! Nothing like a spring nor’easter to remind us that we are at the will of mother nature. Warmer temps and rain this week should melt away most of the snow and we will be back at work getting the fields prepped and planted for the season.


Lots of starts germinating on the farm now! This year, we are excited to be offering tomato and pepper starts in all of our favorite varieties we grow. If you are looking for organic, non-GMO cherry, heirloom, big beef, and plum tomatoes or sweet pepper starts for your garden or porch we are the place to go! Starts will be available for purchase towards the end of May.


Here’s what’s available this week:

Arugula $5 per bunch

Hearty greens mix $5 per bunch

Salad mix $5 per bunch

Tokyo bekana $3 per bunch

Tatsoi $3 per bunch

Green leaf lettuce $3 per head, 2 for $5

Spinach $5 per bunch, 2 for $8

Kale $4 per bunch

Swiss chard $4 per bunch

Radishes $3 per bunch

Cilantro $3 per bunch

Parsley $4 per bunch


To place your order, visit www.ledgetopfarm.com/order to fill out our form. You will receive an email when your order is confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation within an hour, please email tom.mitchell9@icloud.com to check on your order.


This Wednesday will now officially be the first outdoor market of the season in Peterborough at the community center. Join us from 3-6pm to see what we have growing so far this year and pick up some great produce.


Have a great week!

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