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Happy spring everyone. Some surprise snow at Ledge Top this weekend, but we are still hard at work preparing for the season and growing some great produce in our greenhouses. 


We have updated our website! Head over and check out new information about our CSA model, the history of the farm, and how to get our produce. Orders can now be placed conveniently via the online order form at www.ledgetopfarm.com/orders. Just fill out the convenient form with your preferred contact information, what you’d like, and when you’ll pick it up. You will receive a confirmation email from either Tom or me.


We will be at the Peterborough Farmers Market again this Wednesday from 3-5pm for the last indoor market before the regular season begins. Stop by to get some fresh spring greens and say hi. 


Here’s what’s available this week:

Arugula $5 per bunch

Hearty greens mix $5 per bunch

Lettuce mix $5 per bunch

Tokyo bekana $3 per bunch

Green leaf lettuce $3 per head

Spinach $5 per bunch

Kale $4 per bunch

Swiss chard $4 per bunch

Cilantro $3 per bunch

Micro-chickweed microgreens $3 per bunch

To place your order, visit www.ledgetopfarm.com/order to fill out our form. You will receive an email when your order is confirmed.


Enjoy the week!


Drew Whitney, Farm Manager


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Tom Mitchell

487 Center Road

Wilton, NH 03086

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text or phone at:

603 620-7302