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What a beautiful week on the farm! The warm and sunny weather has led to lots of growth and productivity for us. Tomato plants are now in the ground and growing. Green and yellow beans will be ready soon. Winter squash plants and sweet potatoes will be next to go in the ground this week. 


We will be open for business to fulfill your orders this Sunday and Monday despite the holiday, the plants never take a vacation. Production is ramping up to full speed as we enter the summer season so orders can be fulfilled at any point in the week.


Here’s what’s available this week:

Arugula $5 per bunch

Hearty greens mix $5 per bunch

Salad mix $5 per bunch

Tokyo bekana $3 per bunch

Green leaf lettuce $3 per head

Kale $4 per bunch

Rhubarb $4 per bunch

Radishes $3 per bunch

Mint $3 per bunch

Dill $3 per bunch

Tomato starts $4 per plant


To place your order, email tom.mitchell9@icloud.com or drewltf@icloud.com with a list of what you would like, and the date and time you will pick up. You will receive a reply when your order is confirmed.


We have a great selection of tomato starts available for sale this year. You can now try your hand in growing all of your favorite tomato varieties from Ledge Top. We have: Big Beef, a tried and true beefsteak tomato perfect for slicing, Brandywine, a big and slightly spicy heirloom tomato, Valencia, a super sweet yellow heirloom variety with very low acidity, Granadero, a plum tomato similar to roma but meatier and with more flavor, Cherry Bomb, our favorite red cherry tomatoes, and Esterina, a yellow cherry tomato known for its sweetness. If you would like to purchase tomato starts, let us know in your order which varieties and how many. $4 per tomato plant.


This week will be the first Milford Farmers Market of the season! Join us on Saturday from 10am-1pm on Elm st across from the antiques co-op. We will also be in Peterborough on Wednesday from 3-6pm and Francestown on Friday from 4-6:30pm.


Have a great week!


Drew Whitney, Farm Manager


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Tom Mitchell

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text or phone at:

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