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The blueberries took a significant hit from the storm last week. The tops of the branches are bent over and snapped.  It remains to be seen how many will be ok when the snow releases the tips.

It was dramatic to see the differences in snow levels as you traveled up the hill towards the farm. Even a mile from the farm the snow levels were much lower. Snow levels here were close to 30 inches of heavy wet snow, even too much for the snow blower.
There should be a strong sun this week and good growth in the greenhouses. Many growing beds are going to seed and will have to be discarded.
Here’s what’s growing:
Hearty greens $5 per bunch
Salad mix(red and green) $5 per bunch
Frilly green cut lettuce leaves $5 per bunch
Frilly red cut lettuce leaves $5 per bunch
Arugula $4 per bunch or 2 for $7
Tokyo Bekana (a mild Asian green) $3 per bunch or 2 for $5
Tat soi $3 per bunch or 2 for $5
Kale $4 per bunch
Red, or green lettuce heads, filly or flat $3 per bunch
Radishes $3 per bunch
Beta mix (mixture of beet and Swiss chard leaves) $5 per bunch
Spinach $5 per bunch
Baby collars $4 per bunch
You can pick up at the farm anytime. Email or text your order and pick up time. I’ll confirm your order and you pick up. If you have a CSA account there is nothing else to do. If your paying with cash or check made out to Ledge Top Farm, there will be a container for your purchase.


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