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 Winter is making it self known this week. It’s sunny as I write this but cold!

Snow on Wednesday makes it debatable about attending the Peterborough Famers market. Dealing with the weather and probably low turn out will have to be decided closer to Wednesday.
At the farm, tents will have to come down and a small cooler will be set up for your orders. Greenhouse temperatures were 35 F this morning. In the past greenhouses were heated but fuel oil is too costly, so what grows will grow with the protection that they get from plastic.
Rabbits are into the celery now that the electric fences are down.
Outside temperatures tonight are predicted to be in the mid twenties, so even cold hardy greens may not survive. The greenhouse crops should still be good.
Here’s what’s available:
Tomatoes, mostly small $5 for box or $4 per pound
Granadero Plum tomatoes $5 per box
*Lettuce leaf type  “Green star”  $3 each bunch or bag
Romaine lettuce $3 each
Sweet Peppers mostly green $4 per pound
*Collards $4 per bunch
Swiss Chard $4 per bunch
Cayenne peppers red or green $3 per pint box
Winter squash, Butternut(all sizes) $2 per pound
Delicata squash, two sizes  $3 each
Sweet potatoes $4 per pound, Larger ones with vole damage remain.
Lettuce mix $5 per bunch
Hearty greens $5 per bunch
*Kale $4 per bunch
Damaged butternut, or Delicata-  free

*Carrots $4 per bunch

*Celery $4 per bunch
*Brussels Sprouts $5 per bunch
Garlic $2 each
Red leaf lettuce $3 per head
Tatsoi $3 per bunch
Beta mix(beet and Swiss chard cuttings) $5 per bunch
*Golden beets or red beets(small) $4 per bunch
* This items are outside and may not be available after Monday(today) due to the freezing  temperatures .

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