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Still growing here at Ledge Top Farm.

You can still buy at the farm any day of the week. Text or email an order. We will confirm and your order will be waiting for you.
New plantings of Arugula, Hearty Greens, Lettuce, kale and Spinach are up and growing. This warm weather helps but it won’t last forever. Certified good eating by our wild rabbit population.  Sweet and hot peppers and still available as are red tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.
We will be at the Peterborough Farmers Indoor market from 3-5 pm on Wednesday at the Community Center in Peterborough.  There are many vendors so stop and take a look.
Some products go in and out of the list because we have very little or it needs to grow time more, like beets. If you don’t see it this week it may be available next week.
Here’s what’s available:
Tomatoes mostly beef steak type $5 for box or $4 per pound
Granadero Plum tomatoes $5 per box
Lettuce leaf type  “Green star”  $3 each bunch or bag
Romaine lettuce $3 each
Sweet Peppers red, green and yellow $4 per pound
Collards $4 per bunch
Swiss Chard $4 per bunch
Cayenne peppers red or green $3 per pint box
Cherry tomatoes, red  $3 per box
Winter squash, Butternut(all sizes) $2 per pound
Delicata squash, two sizes  $3 or $2 each
Sweet potatoes $4 per pound, mostly 1 pound and larger
Hearty greens $5 per bunch
Kale $4 per bunch
Damaged butternut, or Delicata-  free

Carrots $4 per bunch

Celery $4 per bunch


Tom Mitchell
487 Center Road
Wilton, NH 03086
email at
text or phone at:
603 620-7302