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Garlic will not be available until after we plant our garlic for the coming season in October.

We started picking corn this week so it’ll be available for at least a week more.

We guarantee all our produce if you ever find something that you don’t like or is bad please let us know will be glad to replace it or refund your money.

You can buy tomatoes in five and 10 pound lots for two dollars a pound but you need to order them.

Many people come to the farmstand and wonder why it’s empty. We’ve tried to put produce on the stand in other years but the traffic is so slow on the farm road that most of it goes bad and we need to throw it out. If you want to pick up an order at the farm simply go to the website ledgetopfarm.com or if you’re getting this newsletter put in an email or text order when you want it and we will put it on the stand for you.

Here’s what’s available :
Arugula $4 per bunch
Mint $4 per bunch
Special lettuce mix $5 per bunch
Leaf lettuce $3 per head
Swiss chard $4 per bunch
Tomatoes beef steak $3 per pound
Plum tomatoes$3 per pound
Valencia heirloom yellow tomatoes $3 per pound
Brandywine heirloom tomatoes $3 per pound
Tokyo Bekana Asian green $3 per bunch
Yellow summer squash or Zucchini $3 Per pound
Cherry tomatoes red or yellow $3 per box or 2 for $5
Green or yellow beans $2 per bunch
Kale$4 per bunch
Onions $2 per pound
Radishes $3 per bunch
Sweet corn $1 each or 4 for $3
Red sweet peppers $4 per pound
Raspberries $4 per box

Markets this week are in Peterborough on Wednesday 3 to 6 PM, Francestown on Friday 4 to 7 PM, Milford on Saturday 10-1pm.

Tom Mitchell
Ledge Top Farm
Wilton, New Hampshire
603 620-7302