(603) 620-7302 tommitchell@tds.net
Here’s what’s growing:
Kale $4 a bunch (abundant supply)
Green leaf  $3 each(abundant supply)
Romaine lettuce $3 each (good supply )
Magenta lettuce (red tip)  (fair supply)
Chives $3 per bunch (poor supply)
Rhubarb $4 per bunch (poor supply)
Mint $3 per bunch (low supply)
Baby lettuce $4 per bunch (good supply)
Swiss Chard $4 per bunch (low supply)
Basil $4 per bunch (good supply)
Collards $4 per bunch(fair  supply)
Red raspberries $4 per box (good supply)
Cucumbers, long slicers $1 each(very poor supply)
Salad cucumbers ASA picklers $3 per pound(just starting this week)
Snap peas $5 per box(8 ounces)
Arugula $4 per bunch (low supply)
Tomatoes $4 per pound (low supply)
Green beans $2 per bunch (8 ounces) (low supply)
Blueberries $3 per box
Carrots $3 per bunch
Zucchini $3 per pound(low supply) just starting this week
Shell peas $5 per box (8 ounces) just starting this week
Garlic by weeks end $1 per ounce or $16 per pound
Radishes $3 per bunch(low supply)new crop
Please email (tom.mitchell9@icloud.com)or text (603 620-7302)your orders and I can have them ready for you. Let me know what approximate time you wanna pick them up and which day. Please come as close as you can to your agreed pick up time. This reduces the number of customers at the stand at one time.