Ordering from Ledge Top Farm is done by email(tom.mitchell9@icloud.com) or text(603 620-7302) or phone. Go to ledgetopfarm.com to order from the website.
To Complete your order for a contactless pickup:
Provide an itemize list. Let me know where and when you choose to pick up your order at the farm. To avoid many people at the Wilton farm stand at once you will be provided a specific time for your pick up. Try to be close to that time.
Payment should be exact change cash or a check at the farm or farmers markets. I do have card readers for credit payments if they are $10 or more. Cash is preferred. Checks are okay.
Markets this week:
Milford Farmers market, Elm Street, in front  of the Good Mojo University building, across from the Antique dealer. 10 am to 1pm Saturday. Last market of the season.
Peterborough Farmers market at the Peterborough Community Center  from 3-5 PM Wednesday until Dec. 23rd. There will be no market on November 25th.
Sales and pickups will continue at the farm.
Here’s what’s growing:
Arugula $4 per bunch- low supply
Mint $3 per bunch low supply
Peppers, sweet, few red, mostly green $4 per pound, fair supply
Tomatoes, yellow and red $3 per pound, low supply
Tomatoes, Granadero Plum $3 per pound, fair supply
(if you want green tomatoes, you must order them)
Baby lettuce $4 per bunch, good supply
Red mustard, $3 per bunch, low supply
Komatsuna, $3 per bunch, low supply
Brussels sprouts $3 per pint box low supply
Leaf lettuce from the field $3 each.